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The Apartment Short Film

So I have not been great at getting you a post ever week so lets try to start with just once a month. ;)

A lot has happened since my last post but I am going to focus on my short film The Apartment. I have written and am now producing and staring in a short film! It is a coming of age story about a girl named Sarah. She is living alone for the first time and with the help of her two best friends Jamie and Claire she finds who she is.

We have had one day of production so far and have two days + ADR to go! The first day was an experience. While we had a rocky start to the day by lunch we were gelling and ended up making our day! As a producer and actor for the film I found putting one down to do the other was sometimes difficult, but when I let go and trusted my amazing crew/team to do there jobs it was magical! Speaking of my crew I could not be happier with the team that I have put together. They are all superstars and I know will have very long amazing careers.

This process has been a journey that I know will only continue to flourish! I am so excited to share everything about the project with you guys!

To stay up to date Follow The Apartment on Twitter @TheAptShortFilm or Facebook:

Here are some fun stills from day one….

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