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Hospitals and Pirates

I am so happy to announce I just finished filming "Jack and Me" a "Finding Neverland" inspired film that mixes the imaginational world of a small boy with his harsh reality of hospital life. I am playing Sarah the female lead and the boys young mom. This film really let me play and was so fun and such a joy . We had a stunt coordinator come in and teach us how to sword fight!!! I mean come on how fun is that!

So as you can see above I was an awesome pirate in the imagination world! However in the "real" world of the film I play a stressed out mom watching her son struggle with cancer. This was such an interesting character to work on as I needed to meld these two women into one. With the guidance of our amazing director Sean Boring I was able to really find a truthful place for Sarah to always be coming from no matter what world she is in. I am so excited with the outcome.

I cannot wait to hear all the amazing things that are going to happen with this touching, fun film!

Thanks so much to the amazing cast and crew!

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