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Happy Cricket Productions

A LA Based Production Company impelled to create thought provoking, fun films.

Official Video Released Below!

Written by Jessica C. Ramsey

Directed by Sheryl A. Gauntlett

Produced by Jessica C. Ramsey & Joseph Ramsey

Year of Production: 2016

Running Time: 19:15 Min

A coming of age story. With her best friends by her side Sarah finds who she is while tackling living alone for the first time.


Sydney Indie Film Fest - Semi Finalist - 2017

Long Beach Indie International Film Festival - Sept 1st 2017 | 1:40pm

For tickets -

Women's  Independent Film Fest- April 30th 2017 | 3pm

For tickets -

Indie Night Film Festival - March 4th 2017 | 3pm

For tickets -

​​California Womens Film Festival -  Jan 8th 2017 Block 2

For tickets -

Want to support The Last Year? Help us get into Film Festivals or maybe even see an early release of the film. Check out our IndieGoGo campaign and donate! (Now closed thanks to those who supported!)
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