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What is Failure?

I am a bit of a perfectionist and have never really loved failing. I mean who does right? However, I have decided to change my mind set thanks to the suggestion of someone I greatly respect. She let me in on a little secret I want to share with all of you.

All failure is, is a result. Think about that let it set in. When I thought about it I realized that my fear of failing was sometimes holding me back from my goals. Which is just dumb! Really wanting to push myself to the next level I recognized I will fail and that's okay. Failure is just another way to learn, it is not good or bad. It is simply a teaching tool to help you gage where you stand. Heck Yes!

By NO means do I plan on seeking out failure but I will put less stress and more intrigue into when I do. I have found with my ultimate goal in mind if I keep my morals and vision on track failure and success are just stepping-stones. Without these stones or first propelling yourself past the fear of failing you may never know what you could have actually achieved. So I welcome you to embrace failing with me and see how freeing it can be.

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