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Election Night

So today we are voting as a nation and about to see who becomes the new president of the United States. As I do not love to talk about politics I will keep this portion short. :) No matter whom you vote for the one thing that is guaranteed to happen is change. There are going to be frustrated people (perhaps even me) no matter what. I think the main thing we need to focus on is finding a way to come together as a nation and lead with love, not of the frustration that I feel this election season has brought out. So enough about that.....

As for me I am happy to announce a change within my own life. I have added Margaret Guiraud and Midwest Talent Management to my team! I can't wait to finish out Episodic season and enter Pilot season with a bang!

I will now let all of you go back and be glued to your TV's. :)


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