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I love going out and exploring my surroundings and this last weekend was no different. As it is now October and our fall weekend was met with a cool 90 degrees, my first thought was to be at a beach so I headed on over to beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA. I had planned ahead and made reservations for brunch at the "trendy" Manhattan Beach Post. They where ready for my Husband and me with our last name written on a small envelope containing that days menu. Which naturally made me very excited for what was ahead!


With all the hype I had read online I was a bit skeptical but boy did they prove me wrong! It was so TASTY!! I started with the Illy coffee with sugar cubes and a small pail of milk (I love my coffee). However they had a great selection of cocktails to choose from if you are in the mood for something a bit stronger. A MUST try is the Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuit with Maple Butter it was sinfully delicious with the right amount of sweet to savory!!! I think I could have had a meal of these they where so amazing. But I wanted to try something else so for my main course I got the special which was a Korean inspired dish called Bipimbop. It was my first time eating that flavor combo but my egg was perfectly cooked. As soon as I cut into it, the yoke ran all over the meat and crispy rice. To end the meal my husband and I split the apple coffee cake with brown sugar streusel. It was giant considering how stuffed we where but we couldn’t stop eating as it just melted in your mouth with happiness.


We thought we might explode we where so full so we decided to walk the pier. It is so relaxing watching the surfers in the waves, and looking at all the plaques of the elite volleyball players that have won the big tournaments here. When we reached the end of the pier I was shocked to see that the round building housed a small aquarium with local sea life. It was a very basic aquarium but interesting.

Having walked off a little of our brunch it was time for some rollerblading (I know a flash back to the 90's). From Manhattan Pier to Redondo Pier is about 6mi and such a smooth beautiful ride with ocean on one side and million dollar homes on the other it makes the ride fly by. After working up a sweat it was beach time!! It is a giant beach and people give you a decent amount of space, which is greatly appreciated! The water was so warm for California and though the tide was a bit strong it was a fun playful time!

With a little corner of Manhattan Beach explored this weekend I can say it is a place I see us going back to many times to find even more tasty treats and play in the water. Oh and don’t forget the glorious sunsets!

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