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Filming with Friends

This last weekend I had the pleasure of working with a couple close friends of mine on a project that was their brainchild. It was Veep inspired! That alone meant it was going to be a fun shoot. ;) I am so excited to see the final product and proud of these ladies for pumping everything out in one weekend.

Playing the frenemy is such a fun role! There is something about portraying the snarky, Type A, Over achiever that is so enjoyable for me and this was no different. Not sure what that says about me, but that is probably another blog post. :)

I am excited to share a few production photos, and given the fact that I apparently want to add smiley faces all over this post I guess I'll add one photo with a real smile. Enjoy!


Ladies in blue! From left to right the amazing Vika Stubblebine, Jade Terrell and Me (Jessica Carter Ramsey).


Such talented ladies and an amazing day of filming!

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