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Happy 2015!!

We are now one whole week into the New Year and so I wanted to give a quick rundown on some things going on and wrap up 2014.

First you should expect this blog to be about me, Jessica. That encompasses my acting career, tasty restaurants, workouts I love, Travel, etc. If I did something and find it interesting it will probably end up here. :)

2014 ended with a nice surprise for me. I am happy to announce that Disney Couples Therapy was the 4th highest viewed Funny or Die sketch in 2014!! The sketch also made it onto Kid Rock's site as a video share.

If you missed it for any reason here was our highest rated episode: FUNNYORDIE

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.53.28 PM.png

It was such a blast to work with everyone on this project and even though I had to be a bit disheveled I was so excited to play Belle. Glad it was received so well in 2014!

Excited to share all my future adventures big and small with you this year. Here is to an amazing 2015!!

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