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Sing Your Heart Out

Since making the move from Musical Theatre to On-Camera I have not sung much at the professional level. That being said singing is still a large part of my professional identity, but when I was asked to be the singer at a wedding last weekend a lot went through my head leading up to the event.

At first I was very self-confident thinking "Sing a bit at a wedding I could do that in my sleep". Then as I was rehearsing I realized in the year and a half since my last live performance my "training" had changed. I was approaching the song by using thoughts instead of just technique then going back to fill in the emotion. While this is fine I was sacred that all the other techniques (placement of notes, breathe control, etc.) I had tried to perfect a few years ago had left me.

The day of the wedding I was a bit nervous that everything would actually come together and be as "easy" as it was when I was doing it eight shows a week. Here I am a trained professional acting like this was my first job. Then as soon as I walked into the venue a calming sensation came over me. All that training was still there I just had to trust it. In the end there where still things that could have gone better but I realized I will always strive to go out and put up my best work and sing my heart out.

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