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August 2014-

I lost track of August and cannot believe we are almost into September! 

Assistance the Series is out!! It is a Dark Comedy loosely based on the hilarouse female writer's life. Check out all the Episodes HERE


July 2014-

So it has been a crazy month so far. I was cast in a Short! I am working with Antoinette Prod. Company and it has been a blast! 

I also just attended the premier for The Tour, one of the first films I shot out in LA.  It was great to see my work on the big screen! 

I filmed the credits for Assistance the Series. It will be premiering the end of the month!


June 2014-

I can't belive we are already into June! I want to start the month off with a link to my commercial for Ostanding: CLICK HERE


May 2014-

This has been one busy month! I first filmed a commercial as the spokeswomen for a company!! I can't wait to put up the link for you all to see it!

This past weekend I filmed 5 of 6 episodes of a new webseries! We had two long days but I loved it!! Being on set with such amazing people made the days fly by. :) 

For the end of May I finished filming the last episode of Assistance the Webseries! It was so much fun can't wait to see the finished product.


April 2014-

My Birthday month is half way over, and I am excited to announce that I have been offered a project that will have 6 shorts associated with it! I will eb meeting with the team this Saturday to talk over more details. It's such a great part and group of people I can't wait to get started!


March 2014-

It has been a great month of learning so far for me. I attended Bill Coelius's commercial class; it was such a great way to look at breaking down the process! I have also kept up with studying with Lesly Kahn and am so happy with the places I feel I am growing as an actor!


I have officially finished filming Closet Space! I can't wait to show some of the footage!


February 2014-

I am now SAG-AFTRA Eligible! It took less than a year and I am feeling incredibly blessed.


January 2014-

Happy New Year!! I hope the holidays treated everyone well! As for 2014 it is already looking good, as my first full week is filled with Lesly's class, auditions, oh yeah and filming! :) The next couple weeks I will be finishing up this season of Closet Space.


December 2013-

This month has been a crazy one! I have continued on with Lesly Kahn and I love it! I also booked and filmed a 3 part series for Funny or Die called Disney Couples Therapy!

I have booked a great role when I can I will fill you in on more details! Headed to set the rest of the week!


November 2013-

One of my shorts has been submitted to a bunch of amazing festivals! It has also been added to my IMDB check it out!

This is already a busy month, which is great! I have started studying with Lesly Kahn and I absolutely love it! On top of that I will be filming more for Closet Space in a few weeks!


September 2013-

I was able to be apart of the Fundraiser video for closet space this week. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


Last week I had the pleasure of shooting my first scene in Closet Space! It was such an amazing group of people cast and crew I can't wait to film more in the future!


started out slow but has picked up! I just was cast in a short that will be shot on a RED camera. It is a great part so I am excited to start filming!


August 2013-

I was on set earlier this week shooting a part in the feature film The Tour!!! It was a great group and can't wait to see the finished project.


August has started off busy! I have been cast in 3 shorts titled Marry Me, Stop Me, and Sing With Me. All 3 should be fun since they film the same weekend!!


It is official, Closet Space is now a SAG project!! Can't wait to start filming in a couple weeks!


June 2013-  

I was asked to be interviewed for a MOD Magazine article, and it just came out! Check out the finished article at:

Or click on the link in the Media section. Also a giant thank you to the writer Katherine Laurin!


Casting update! I was cast in a webisode!


This weekend was great. It started with shooting for "Around the Corner" a short. I was supposed to be just a supportive role in the film but before we started shooting Friday night they upgraded me to a lead!! It was so unexpected and exciting!! I got to work with a stunt coordinator, which was also a great experience. The weekend finished with the last class of Killian's Adult workshop.  I learned so much and loved the training given!


Casting update I have been cast in a feature set to hit the film fest scene! More info as it gets closer!


Last Saturday I shot one of the shorts I had been cast in on a RED camera! It was a great time, working with a great crew. I also had the opportunity to work with a real ambulance and gurney! Let me tell you I have a new found respect for EMT's those gurney’s are heavy!! I can't wait to see the footage I think it will end up being very funny!


I have started June being cast in a couple different shorts! The first is called "911" this shoot (starting in mid-June) is going to be a bit more sketch form and on the funnier side which will be a lot of fun!

The second will be filming in late June called "Round the Corner". This one is a great dramatic role and I will get to work with a stunt coordinator, which is very exciting!! 

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