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My name is Jessica Carter Ramsey and I’m a fun loving actress with a pinch of sass.


I’ve had the privilege of playing a loving sister, a stressed assistant, a young professional, and even a con artist. While all these characters may seem different, they all mean well, they are all confident, and oh, don’t forget that sass.


In New York I trained in Meisner and Uta Hagen Technique, for improv I have worked with Upright Citizens Brigade and I am currently studying with Lesly Kahn here in Los Angeles. Since starting my career I have been fortunate enough to perform on New York stages and Los Angeles screens.


Growing up in Colorado I love hiking and camping but honestly in a lot of ways I am your typical type A city girl. I love New York and Los Angeles, just give me a good farmers market and coffee shop and I’ll be happy.


I get to spend my free time with my amazing husband and our fluffy, little mutt Rugby. While I have had many adventures on both stage and screen, I can truly say being married has been the most rewarding journey of my life.


I look forward to working with you soon!

For Printable Resume Just Click Here.

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