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The Wisdom Tree

So as an actor who loves food I have to combat that with workouts. I hate to admit it but I am not a lover of "workouts" I go to the gym but it is out of necessity and not so fun for me. So I always try to find a fun way to work off those delicious meals :). Hiking is a huge way for me to do that! I just discovered a great hike that is pretty quick and a good workout! It is called The Wisdom Tree Hike! It gives you amazing views of Burbank (the studios), Downtown LA, the Observatory and the LA reservoir (which I didn’t even know existed until this hike). You can get up to the tree in about 30min if you are pushing yourself for a workout purpose. It is steep but just bring water and you will be okay. When you are at the top there is a box where you can leave your wishes, dreams, hopes, etc. which I thought was pretty cool.


If you have a bit more time I suggest taking the rest of the path to the back of the Hollywood Sign. It is about a mile further (I suggest having shoes with traction the terrain is rough) and once you are there it is so cool!! There is a fence in the way to actually get down to the sign but it is one of the cooler views of the city I had ever seen!


There you have it that is my workout/ California tip hope you enjoy the hike as much as I did!

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